Prince Alfred Park Pool

Prince Alfred Park Pool is one of the most picturesque pools in the world

Photographed from any angle, our pool looks stunning. Its aerial shot has recently been featured in Australian photographer Brad Walls new book ‘Pools From Above’ alongside 88 incredible world's pools.

Tue, 18 Oct 2022,
posted by City of Sydney

Our iconic venue is located in the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills next to Central Station near Chalmers Exit. This community pool welcomes Sydney-siders and guests for swim and recreation.

There is a splash deck for toddlers and a shade structure above – a hollow cylinder of blue-and-white striped fabric.

Prince Alfred Park Pool was design by Neeson Murcutt Architects and Sue Barnsley Design collaborative landscape project and has won the Medal for Landscape Architecture in 2013.

From above, photographed by Brad Walls, Australian photographer, the pool reflects beauty and soul of its community. See this and few other photos you can find in his book, published in Daily Mail here